Welcome to your new notion workspace. Here you can organise your university or school work by subject. This will help you to stay on top of your revision schedule and ensure all your work is in one space. Feel free to personalise this template for your own studies, fill in the blanks and even add your own cover at the top!

Happy studying - Alicia from studycollab xo

Syllabus/Unit outline

<aside> 💡 SPACED REPETITION: Use this calendar to plan your revision schedule in advanced. The concept of spaced repetition will help you to retain newly learned information for longer, putting it into your long term memory.



<aside> 💡 Within each page of the 'lectures', you can create your own revision questions to carry out active recall. Write questions based on the lecture content as if they were flashcards! You can then test yourself on these questions each time your spaced repetition is scheduled as per above!